Mistakes That You Should Not Commit While Preparing SSC CHSL


Are you going to do SSC CHSL Recruitment related preparation? Are you aware of the mistakes you must not commit? Let’s check it out so that you can have a high score in your exam.

Doing Preparation For Other Exams Too –

It is OK that you are conscious regarding your career and that is why you are already prepared for various other exams along with SSC CHSL. However, toppers do not collaborate with this fact. When you prepare for different exams at the same time, you do not give your 100 per cent in any of these exams, which leads to reducing your chances to crack the exam. If you have received SSC CHSL Admit Card then stick to its preparation only. Why should not you prepare for multiple exams at the same time –

  • Each exam needs enough time to get prepared otherwise you are just wasting your money, time, and efforts attempting them since expected results will not be there
  • Each exam comes up with different patterns, guidelines, and patterns. You cannot give your best to all of them. It will increase your stress only.
  • Why should you put yourself in unwanted trouble attempting all exams? Take a break and emphasize your preparation for one competition at a time.

Do Not Study From Different Sources –

Do not go with different sources, as it will make you confused only. Sometimes students think that doing preparation going with different sources will help them to make a good score. However, it is not true since experts say that it will make you completely confused. Therefore, toppers do always prefer standard study material and do their preparation from that one only.

Now, you might be wondering why not you should go with different sources to study. The prominent reasons are –

  • Studying from different sources will make you go completely confused. You will not be able to concentrate upon finding the same thing presented differently.
  • You probably find yourself in a difficult situation that will make you lethargic indeed.
  • It will make it difficult to decide what material you should follow since different authors will be elaborating differently.

Therefore, you just decide first what study material you want to follow. Then stick with that instead of approaching different study material. However, you may approach different study materials in case your doubts are not cleared. Experts say that students should do preparation practising one book several times so that all their doubts will fade away gradually giving you much clarity.

Do Not Underestimate GA/GK Section –

Are you going with the perception that GA/GK is an easy-to-do subject and does not need that way much time? If your answer is “yes”, you are a bit wrong. Generally, students think that they can do this section a day before an exam, as it is easier in comparison to other sections.

Moreover, some aspirants think that it covers only 50 marks in the examination and does not have that very much importance at all. But you should not avoid the importance of preparing GK sections because of these reasons –

  • It leaves a good impact on judges
  • It shows how aware you are regarding your surrounding
  • It can help to get a high score
  • It is easy to do and will truly take less time
  • Most of the study material for GK/GA can be found online easily

Making Long Notes –

Do not go ahead to make long notes since they are quite difficult to read and then revising. Toppers say that you should go with making short notes, which is quite feasible to read and understand. While preparing for exams, you should keep adding general notes and formulae related to the quantitative aptitude section. You will be saving you extra time indeed.

Short Cut Tricks Are Not Healthy –

Some aspirants think that going with shortcut tricks might help them to get a good score which is not true. It is not ideal to keep yourself in dilemma at all. Go with tricks on which you are confident enough.

  • Instead of depending on short cut tricks, you need to adhere to basic concepts that give you much-needed clarity
  • Short cut tricks are not helpful to get a high score but your efforts can make it possible

Underestimating the Importance Of Solving Previous Year Mock Test/Question Papers-

Are you not going to consider the previous year’s question papers? It is a sort of big mistake indeed. Considering previous year’s question papers can help you to get a lot of hints that you will be having your exam. If you are going to prepare for this exam, you must spare your time to do practice mock tests and previous year question papers to get much clarity. Solving these previous year’s questions will help you to understand what scope and difficulty level of the exam.

Not Emphasizing On Revision –

Revision is important and its value cannot be ignored at all. When you revise, all your doubts go away. Moreover, you will need less time to cover the topic when you revise since you already did a detailed study. Do not go with any new topic while doing last time revision.

In The Last –

By avoiding all these above-mentioned mistakes, you can grab a high score in your exam.

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