Mission Shakti Dept to Promote Women Entrepreneurship in Apparel Manufacturing


Bhubaneswar: In a remarkable step towards further economic empowerment of women self-help groups in Odisha, the Mission Shakti Department has joined hands with New Delhi-based Apparel Made-ups & Home Furnishing Sector Skill Council (AMHSSC) to promote women entrepreneurship in apparel manufacturing.

The Mission Shakti Department and AMHSSC have signed an agreement to start the initiative titled “ of Mission Shakti Women Self Help Group Members as Sewing Machine Operators”. Under the initiative, more than 10,000 SHG members will be imparted skill development training on apparel manufacturing.

The initiative will play a vital role in creating skilled manpower in apparel sector and provide self-employment opportunities across the State. It will also create small scale industries in the apparel sector through active participation of skilled SHGs of Mission Shakti.

The Odisha Government has already engaged the Mission Shakti, SHGs / PGs in stitching and supply of uniforms for pre-schools and schools under the livelihood convergence model.

This historic step of the State Government under the current collaboration with AMHSSC, aims at enhancing livelihood opportunities of 10,000 SHG members through skilling on market-focused skills and entrepreneurship promotion on apparel.

Through this partnership with AMHSSC, the Mission Shakti Department will enhance the skills of its members in tailoring to become self-reliant in apparel industry.

The Department will further equip SHGs / Producer Groups (PGs) with the necessary skills and opportunities for year-round engagement in order to ensure the long-term viability of tailoring units led by SHGs / PGs.

The project will be executed over the period of 18 months. After the training, AMH SSC will help the SHG members in setting up their tailoring units.

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