Minorities’ rights and Citizenship Amendment Act: Anurag Singh Thakur


In 1950, a secret message was sent by Delhi to Islamabad. This message was discouraging but its tone was most distressing. Here goes the message of Minister of State for Finance and Corporate Affairs:

“ I think both the governments (India and Pakistan) should announce some measures on the atrocities on Hindus in Bengal. The policy should be clear on the measures irrespective of our future policies. In this respect, my advice is that both the governments should declare in public that the minorities who have become homeless or left their native places due to violence must be rehabilitated”.

The remitter of the message has, however, harboured suspicion on the sincerity of the other side. Therefore, he had proposed some punishment….” Moreover, they (governments of both countries) will try their best to punish those who have indulged in violence and would strive to retrieve the properties to be handed over to the victims. An ultimatum should be declared that those who have kept the looted properties with them must give back soon or else they will be punished.”

The message was given to the first prime minister of Pakistan Liyakat Ali Khan on behalf of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Although right from Pandit Nehru to the present prime minister Narendra Modi India is committed to the principle of providing security to the minorities, Pakistan has time and again deviated from such principles.

Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians staying in Pakistan have become the victims of proselytisation, loot and rape. We all know how the Christian lady, Aeyasha Bibi, was victimized on blasphemous grounds. She was beaten up mercilessly by Pakistan public. Her fault was that she quenched her thirst by sipping water from the pot which is meant for different prominent communities of Pakistan.

People in Bangladesh and Afghanistan have also become victims of rape, loot and murder. The governments in Bangladesh and Afghanistan are not sitting with their hands tied. But, the presence of fundamentalists in the system is so deep-rooted that the dispensations have not been able to provide adequate security to the minorities.

The Talibans in Afghanistan have posed a severe threat to humanity. They have been derailing the peace process time and again and creating violence in the country. The Talibans have bombarded the statue of Buddha in Bamiyan. This has exposed their heinous deeds. Afghanistan was home to nearly 50000 Sikhs, Buddhists, Parsis and Hindu. But, their number has come down to nearly 1000.

Several lakh people from these communities have been living in India after Independence. They cannot claim that they are citizens of the country. The question now arises- Where they will go? The successive governments have not given the refugees citizenship although previous dispensations have assured them to provide the same.

Ashok Gehlot and Tarun Gogoi from the Congress have requested the governments to provide them citizenship. Even Mamata Banerjee had agreed to provide them citizenship. These people are staying in the country from the 50s and have contributed their bit to the growth of the country. They have shown respect to the law of the land, but we have failed to show our duty towards them.

When Narendra Modi government is providing them with citizenship, vested interest and destabilizing groups are out with their wrong designs. These forces have termed BJP as a violator of human rights. But there is no such proof. But, somehow they could dilute the matter to get the better of.

This brigade has successfully used Mahatma Gandhi’s name but has never heeded to the advice of the father of the nation. Gandhiji had advised that those who have fled Pakistan must be accommodated in the country. They have not done this because they do not want to erode their vote bank.

The Citizenship Amendment Act will be enshrined in history in golden letters. This will strengthen the position of India in South Asia and the international community will pay respect to us as a responsible democratic country.

Misinformation has taken its toll and this will be remembered forever. They have spread the message that the citizenship of Muslims will be scrapped. The misinformation spread by Congress is a blot on the reputation of Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Nehru. The Assam NRC was determined during Rajiv Gandhi’s regime and being implemented under the supervision of the Supreme Court.

It is distressing that widespread violence has been unleashed when the nation is observing 150th year birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and 550 anniversary of Guru Nanak Devji.

When the nation is on the fast track of 5trillion dollar economy, the poor show of Congress is distressing.

The people of this country is highly aware of the machination of vested interest groups. The people of this country have become relieved that after the address of Prime Minister Narendra Modi from Ramlila Maidan on this score. No violent means could ever derail the commitment of the government which is determined to put India at greater heights.

Such incidents have emboldened us and provided the fuel to forge ahead with the commitment for the establishment of a new India.

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