Merry Christmas 2022: Know History & Significance


New Delhi: Celebrated on December 25 every year, Christmas shines as the festival of joy and happiness for Christians around the world. This day commemorates the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ who is believed to be the son of God.

Jesus Christ was born on December 25, in Bethlehem to Joseph and Mother Mary. It is believed that Jesus was conceived through the holy spirit and was born when Mary was engaged to Joseph. Considered the son of God, Jesus is known for his priceless teachings that have formed the foundation of Christianity over time. Though the holy Bible does not provide a specific date for Jesus’ birth, Emperor Constantine declared December 25 as “Christmas” to acknowledge Christ’s birth every year.

Unlike for non-Christians, Christmas holds a lot of religious importance for people following Christianity. It is believed that on Christmas, the Almighty sent Jesus as a divine power to save people from falling into the grave of their sins. God sent his son to guide people toward the right path. The community organizes a mass service to remember Jesus Christ and the sacrifices he made for humanity.

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