Meghan Thee Stallion not to perform with BTS at AMA due to ‘personal reasons’


Los Angeles: Due to unforeseen circumstances, Megan Thee Stallion will unfortunately no longer be able to perform with BTS at the 2021 American Music Awards this weekend.

On November 20, Megan Thee Stallion announced on Twitter that due to a personal matter, she would not be able to attend the upcoming American Music Awards (AMAs) as scheduled.

Addressing her fans as ‘hotties’, days after launching her compilation album Something for the Hotties, she wrote that she was ‘excited’ for her performance at the AMAs with BTS. However, he could no longer attend due to an ‘unexpected personal matter.’ The artist added that she was very ‘sad’ about it.

The Megan version of Butter was released on August 27. The video has notched up 55 million views till now after the original had garnered 619 million views in total, after being released on May 21.

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