Medical Negligence! Patient administered saline on shop’s verandah


Keonjhar: In another incident of lackadaisical in healthcare services, a patient was reportedly administered saline on the verandah of a shop at Telkoi Bazaar in Keonjhar district.

According to sources, one Naba Munda of Kamalanga village was admitted to a government hospital in Telkoi on September 12 after he complained of sickness. However, he was later taken to a medicine store, whose owner administered him saline and made him lay on a bench due to the alleged absence of doctors.

While locals are suffering due to the lack of proper health services, concerned medical authorities remained unavailable to comment over the incident.

However, talking to the media, the Assistant Divisional Medical Officer (ADMO) stated that the name of the person has not been registered in the hospital. He also added that the patient might have gone to the medical store directly for assistance. Besides, a probe into the same will soon be initiated to find out details behind the incident, the ADMO added.

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