Marine Drive Eco Retreat: Indian Ocean– a spectacular vision of Utopia by the beach


Konark: It was a confluence of Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal which left the audience mesmerised after their performance at the Marine Drive Eco Retreat in Konark.

Indian Ocean which has been one of the spearheads of the Indian rock scene awed everyone with their unique sound of contemporary rock mixed with classical, jazz and fusion. The band performed its new song with a specially made guitar which has only the sound of “Saa” and “Paa” and works more like a sitar.

The venue, that is the Ramchandi beach added to the charm of the performance as the crowd cheered and swayed making it a perfect Saturday night.

The finale included a lively “Bande”, and the glorious “Kandisa”, which delighted the crowd.

The audience rejoiced at the venue both prior and after the concert at the Shacks which have been set up for the first time in Odisha.

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