Maoists issue letter against Gurupriya bridge


Malkangiri: Maoists of Malkangiri-Koraput-Visakha border sub-division (MKVD) issued a letter opposing the Gurupriya bridge in the district last night.

In the letter to the media, they alleged that the bridge was constructed not for the development of tribals but to loot the mineral products and natural resources in the area.

They further alleged that the water level has raised in the area in order to generate more electricity which resulted in damage to crops in seven panchayats. The Maoists urged the government to pay adequate compensation for the crop damaged.

“The electricity, education and healthcare services in the cut-off area have not yet been developed, but the construction of the Gurupriya bridge helped deployment of 1500 to 2000 policemen in the tribal-dominated area. Loot of natural resources with the help of the police is the motive behind the construction of the bridge,” the letter further alleged.

The Maoists through the letter cautioned the public that they would face consequences due to the government’s decision in near future. They urged the public to join their movement.

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