Mangaluru-Mumbai IndiGo Flight Delayed By 6 Hrs After Co-Passenger Raises Alarm Over Mobile Chat


Mangaluru: A Mangaluru-Mumbai flight was delayed by six hours on Sunday after a woman passenger raised an alarm about a suspicious text message.

According to reports, a woman passenger accidentally saw a WhatsApp message on a co-passenger’s phone which mentioned the word ‘bomber’ in it and brought this to the notice of the cabin crew. Following this, all the passengers were asked to alight from the aircraft and their luggage was thoroughly checked for any sabotage before the IndiGo flight was allowed to leave for Mumbai on Sunday evening.

The man was chatting with his girlfriend who was to catch a flight to Bengaluru from the same airport. The man was later not allowed to board the flight due to the questioning that lasted for several hours, while his girlfriend missed her flight to Karnataka’s capital.

All the 185 passengers were later reboarded on the Mumbai-bound flight after thorough checking of the baggage and the aeroplane left at 5 pm.

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