Man ‘Mistakenly’ Attempts To Rob Own Son At Knifepoint Outside ATM


Edinburgh: In a bizarre incident, a man attempted to rob his own son at knifepoint in Scotland’s Glasgow. The incident happened last year in November, when a 45-year-old masked man targeted a teenage boy at an ATM in Cranhill, Glasgow.

As per reports, a 17-year-old boy had withdrawn 10 pounds (Rs 986) from an ATM in Cranhill, Glasgow when he noticed a hooded man dressed in dark-coloured clothes lurking nearby.

Revealing the details of the incident, prosecutor Carrie Stevens said, “As he put his card in his pocket and took the cash from the machine, he turned left and felt something against the left side of his face. He was pinned up against the wall by the neck. The boy felt a large kitchen knife pressed against his face.”

The hooded man then demanded money from the boy. Upon hearing the voice of the robber, the boy immediately recognised his father.

The boy then fled the scene and informed his family about the incident before alerting the police.
The robber was arrested by the police and later confessed to his crime. “I didn’t know it was him at the cash machine. I have done it. I will do the time for it,” he said.

The robber was sentenced to 26 months of jail time.

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