Man Held For Committing Over 500 Burglaries Across The Country


Bhubaneswar: A notorious criminal, who was involved in over 500 burglary cases across the country in the last three decades, has been arrested by The Commissionerate Police on Monday.

The arrestee has been identified as Hemant Das.

According to police sources, Das was arrested while he was planning to commit a burglary in Cuttack.

Earlier, he was arrested for the last time by the special squad in Bhubaneswar in 2018. He was subsequently arrested in connection with two burglary cases in Puri in 2020 and was released in July this year, police sources said.

Bhubaneswar DCP, Umashankar Dash said, “Hemant was studying in the BJB college at Bhubaneswar when he was first arrested in connection with a clash in the 1980s’.It was during his stay in jail when he developed proximity with a burglar who taught him the tricks of the trade.”

“From 1986 onwards, Hemant became a professional burglar. He is involved in a number of burglaries across Odisha and outside. He has confessed to his involvement in over 500 cases including 100 burglary cases in Bhubaneswar alone,” said Dash.

Though Hemant claims to have to earn over Rs 4 to 5 crore from the burglaries in the last 35 years, he rarely saved his ill-gotten millions as has been reflected in his bank balance, which shows a meagre Rs 1400. Hemant mostly used to steal cash and used to go on vacations to different parts of the country including Gangtok, Shimla and Jammu, and Kashmir. He was called the ‘Crowbar Man’ as he used the simple tool to break into the houses of people.”

Senior officials said that the accused will be interrogated to know if he was involved in some more burglary cases in other parts of the State.

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