Man fined Rs 26000 for letting minor son ride bike


Barang: A man has been fined Rs 26,000 after traffic cops and RTO officials intercepted his minor son while he was driving the two-wheeler without a helmet at Barang Police station square.

According to reports, the Traffic and RTO personnel today caught a boy near Barang as he was not wearing a helmet. During the verification of vehicle documents, it was learned that the boy was minor.

Following this, Cuttack Additional RTO imposed a fine of Rs 1000 for not wearing a helmet and Rs 25,000 for driving a motorcycle without a license. The vehicle was also seized and the parents of the minor boy informed about the matter.

On Monday, a bike owner was slapped with a hefty fine of Rs 26,000 for allowing a minor boy to ride his motorcycle and without a helmet near Jhimiripali Chhhak in Angul district. A joint team of Talcher Regional Transport Office and Pallahara Police were conducting motor vehicle checking near Jhimiripali Chhhak when they intercepted a 16-year-old boy riding a motorcycle as he was not wearing a helmet. Later, upon asking for documents, they found him to be a minor.

Despite widespread awareness by the RTOs and State Police Department on the new MV rules, people are seen flouting the rules across the state.

The Cuttack RTO, in a series of tweets, said:



“Provision for offence by juvenile for driving motor vehicle. The parents will be prosecuted and fines will be imposed upon the parents for allowing minor child to drive vehicle,” the RTO further warned.



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