Man Cracks Bomb Joke At Indore Airport, Misses Flight


Indore: A family of three had to miss a flight at the Devi Ahilyabai International Airport in Indore after they cracked a joke about a “bomb in the bag” at the Airport.

Soon after they cracked a joke, the family had to undergo intense questioning and search, and were let-off after they submitted a written apology. Following this, they also had to miss their flight.

According to , airport director CV Ravindran, the man on Monday night reached the airport and while undergoing security check jokingly said there was a “bomb” in his luggage which alerted authorities at the aerodrome.

Security personnel thoroughly checked them and their luggage and also questioned them, he said.

The man was travelling with his wife and daughter.

During questioning, the man apologized for his irresponsible act and nothing objectionable was found in his luggage, Ravindran said, adding because of search and questioning, the trio missed their flight.

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