Man beheads elderly woman, walks to police with severed head


Jajpur: A man surrendered himself at Danagadi outpost in Jajpur district claiming to have killed an elderly woman with an axe on suspicion of practising sorcery in Chhatara village.

The accused has been identified as Kartika Kerei.

According to sources, Kartika had a grudge against the elderly woman, identified as Nandini Purti, suspecting her of practising sorcery. The duo had an argument. The quarrel took an ugly turn last night after Kartika hacked the woman to death with an axe.

He then then beheaded the woman and walked to the police station with the severed head. He later surrendered before the police and confessed to the crime.

Based on the statement, police have arrested the accused and initiated an inquiry, the police sources added.

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