Man arrested for attacking landowner after failed extorting bid


Bhubaneswar: Info Valley Police on Monday arrested a person on charges of attacking a landowner after failing to extort Rs 3 lakh from him in the Ogalpada area on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar.

The arrested person has been identified as Gopal Behera. On the basis of the complaint lodged by the landowner Gagan Bihari Sahu, Info Valley Police registered a case (77/2023) and arrested Behera in a raid today.

According to the complaint, Behera blocked the path leading to the land owned by Sahu by excavating the road by engaging an earthmover. He then asked Sahu to give Rs 3 lakh after which he would allow him to construct his house on the plot.

But when Sahu out rightly refused to pay the money, the accused attacked him with an iron rod. With no option left, Sahu lodged a complaint against Behera at Info Valley police station.

Taking the matter seriously, Info Valley police registered a case and arrested accused Behera after an investigation. He was forwarded to the court today.

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