Man arrested at Washington checkpoint with ammunition ahead of Biden’s oath


Washington, DC:  A man from Virginia was arrested for carrying unregistered handgun with over 500 rounds of ammunition in his car ahead of Joe Biden’s oath.

He was held at the inauguration checkpoint in Washington, DC who also carried “unauthorised” inauguration credential.

Reports said the man was denied passage through the checkpoint which was located half a mile from the Capitol at North Capitol Street and E Street Northwest.

The police report further said that a loaded Glock 9MM pistol, 509 rounds of ammunition, a 17-round Glock magazine and 21 12-guage shotgun shells were found in the arrested man’s vehicle.

President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will be taking oath on January 20.

President Trump, meanwhile, has declared a state of emergency till January 24. The Secret Service will begin special protections for the inaugural event on Wednesday.

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