Male Swamp Deer Dies At Nandankanan


Bhubaneswar: A seven-year-old male swamp deer died today at the Nandankanan Zoological Park (NZP) in Bhubaneswar.

Deputy Director of the Nandankanan Zoo, Jayant Das has informed that the male swamp deer was not well since a few days and succumbed inside the enclosure this morning. He said the details on the deer’s death will be known after the post mortem.

Following this, the population of swamp deer, also known as Barasingha, has gone down to 11. Of the 11, there are three male deer, five female deer, and three fawns in the NZP.

Swamp deer are mainly grazers and they largely feed on grasses and aquatic plants. They feed throughout the day with peaks during the mornings and late afternoons to evenings. In winter and monsoon, they drink water twice, and thrice or more in summer. In the hot season, they rest in the shade of trees during the day.

In central India, the herds comprise on average about 8–20 individuals, with large herds of up to 60. There are twice as many females than males. During the rut they form large herds of adults. The breeding season lasts from September to April, and births occur after a gestation of 240–250 days in August to November. The peak is in September and October in Kanha National Park. They give birth to single calves. When alarmed, they give out shrill, baying alarm calls. Captive specimens live up to 23 years.

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