Maldives to scrap Indian Ocean observatory pact with China


Male/New Delhi: The island nation, Maldives, is likely to scrap controversial Indian Ocean observatory  pact with China after Indian PM’s visit to the country.

This is being viewed as a diplomatic win for India. During his recent visit to Maldives, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had reiterated the commitment of both the nations to work together for safety of sea passages in the region.

The agreement titled ‘Protocol on Establishment of Joint Ocean Observation Station’ allowed China to build an observatory at Makundhoo, which lies at the westernmost part of northern Maldives, raising alarm bells in India.

The agreement had worried India as the observatory will allow Beijing to monitor the important shipping routes in the Indian Ocean.

The former Maldivian president Abdulla Yameen had signed the agreement with Beijing during his tenure.

Sources said India’s bilateral relations with Maldives has improved after Yameen was voted out of power during elections last year.

According to reports, the then Maldivian government did not make the agreement public. But, Beijing had clarified that the observatory will not be used for military purpose.

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