Maldives Moves To Replace India, Inks Deal With Turkey For Drones To Patrol High Seas

New Delhi:  Maldives has signed a USD 37-million deal with Turkey to buy military drones that will patrol its high seas – a task so far done by India in partnership with the Maldivian defence forces.

The decision comes in the backdrop of President Mohamed Muizzu’s 15 March deadline for 77 Indian military personnel to leave the island nation. Muizzu came to power last September, riding on an anti-India rhetoric and ‘India out’ campaign.

The helicopters were used for the transport of patients from various islands of the archipelago nation to hospitals in Malé, which has saved over 500 lives till now. The Dornier carried out reconnaissance flights by the Maldivian military against suspicious ships, and gun and narcotics trafficking.

These will now be replaced by Turkish drones – the likely candidate being the Aksungur drones which are used for maritime operations and surveillance.

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