Maharathy-Samantray realize ‘United we stand, divided we fall’


“Politics is for the present, but an equation is for eternity” and this was proved right here in Secretariat when the people present there witnessed an unexpected and rare sight of two arc rivals Pradeep Maharathy & Yudhistir Samantray from Pipili, sitting together in the chamber which belongs to Maharathy, Minister of Panchayati Raj.

However the reason behind Samantray’s friendly consultation with Maharathy is still known, but the people are stunned and still gushing about the unusual meeting of these two arc rivals who had been on a verge to satisfy themselves by sucking the blood out and playing a game of thrones by using explosives and the most barbarous way to eliminate the other. As they say, “Politics has less to do with where you live than where your heart is”, indicating towards their secret alliance in the near future to put a halter on the Lotusites in their constituency.

As Samantray is bold enough to announce the only existing parties in Pipili are that of Samantray’s and Maharathy’s and there is no opportunity for any other party to blossom there, what’s the future hold for the Pipilians in the upcoming days would be another rare sight to witness.

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