Mahaprasad at Puri Gundicha Temple from today


Puri: Provision of Mahaprasad of Lord Jagannath will begin at Puri Gundicha temple on Sunday. Devotees can have the Mahaprasad at the Adapa Mandap till the Bahuda Yatra.

According to the Shri Jagannath cult, preparation of the Mahaprasad at the Roshaghara(kitchen) inside the Jagannath temple is postponed from the Rath Yatra as the Trinity comes out from the Jagannath temple and stays almost seven days at the Adapa Mandap.

During the stay, the Mahaprasad for the deities is prepared from the Kitchen of the Shri Gundicha temple. Devotees are allowed to have it or to take away after the Kotha Bhog is offered to Lord Jagannath and his siblings after the noon.


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