Magical Health Benefits Of Mulethi


New Delhi: Mulethi is one of the most classical ayurvedic remedies for cough and sore throat. The traditional herb is used in several ancient remedies and classical ayurvedic formulations to treat respiratory problems, obesity, skin infection, liver disorders, gastric problem, hormonal regulation, general debility, joint pain, and many more. Here are health benefits you must know about this wonder herb.

Reduces Stress & Depression

Mulethi benefits include relieving people suffering from the problem of depression. Including licorice root in your daily diet can help in controlling stress hormones, reducing depression, anxiety and stress.

Controls Cholesterol

Licorice root is considered to be an extremely effective remedy for lowering the level of bad cholesterol in the body and increasing the level of healthy cholesterol in the body. Thus, helping in keeping you healthy and free from harmful diseases. Controlling cholesterol is one of the effective mulethi benefits.

Boosts Immunity

Mulethi benefits include boosting your immunity system, which helps in giving your body the strength to fight many diseases and illnesses. This helps your body from being affected by harmful diseases.

Liver Healthy

Licorice root is considered to be an effective option for keeping your liver, healthy and free from diseases. This helps in protecting your body from being damaged by free radicals and also helps in treating jaundice thus keeping your liver healthy.

Treats Skin Disorders

Licorice root is extremely beneficial for your skin, as it helps in protecting your skin from various skin disorders such as rashes, eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin. Thus, helping in keeping your skin healthy.

Treats Sore Throat & Cough

Licorice root is an excellent remedy for curing problems such as sore throat and cough. They also help in treating respiratory tract infections such as bronchitis and asthma, put some licorice root in a cup of boiling water after 10 minutes. Straining the water and drink it to get relief from these problems.

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