Madhya Pradesh: If Grooms Click ‘Toilet Selfie’ Before Wedding, Brides Get Rs 51,000


Bhopal: The Madhya Pradesh government has come up with an off-beat solution to open defecation by demanding photographic evidence of toilets in households. But what comes as a surprise is the implementation of the policy where grooms have to take a selfie standing in the toilet and submit it to the state as proof that they have toilet facilities in their house. In addition to that, the brides would be given financial assistance of Rs. 51,000 by the government.

According to a report by TOI, this practice is a part of the Mukhya Mantri Kanya Vivah/Nikha scheme. Since it is “practically impossible” for state officials to hop from one house to another to check whether they have toilets, demanding toilet selfies is an easier option.

This practice is not just confined to rural parts of Madhya Pradesh as Bhopal Municipal Corporation has even started making the same demands. One Bhopal groom revealed how before his Nikah, the Qazi refused to officiate the marriage until he was provided with the toilet-selfie!

“The idea of grooms being required to prove they have a toilet before marrying is not a bad thing. The social justice department has not issued any such directive. The implementation of the policy can be better,” said J. N. Kansotiya, Principal Secretary of the Department of Social Justice and Disabled Welfare.

Under the Mukhya Mantri Kanya Vivah /Nikaah Scheme, the state government offers financial assistance for brides who belong to the Below Poverty Line (BPL) category. To get a marriage certificate from the authorities, grooms have to ensure that they have a toilet in their homes.

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