Machetes vs courage: Elderly couple fight armed robbers in Tamil Nadu


Chennai: Showcasing courage against wrongdoers, an elderly couple from Tamil Nadu scared off two armed robbers after putting up a tough fight with plastic furniture against sharp machetes.

The robbers had sickles in their hands but the elderly couple took a stand for themselves as they chased away the two accused.

The video of the incident, that was captured on the CCTV camera installed near the resident, is doing rounds on social media platforms.



The incident, which happened late on Sunday and was captured on CCTV cameras, at the couple’s home near Kadayam earned them a lot of appreciation. In the video, the couple could be seen fighting fearlessly against the two accused who had allegedly come to their house to rob them.

Police said two masked robbers carrying machetes entered the house of Shanmugavel, 72, at Kalyanipuram under Kadayam police station limits at around 10 pm and attempted to strangle the old man who was sitting near his entrance.

Shanmugavel’s wife Senthaamarai came rushing to his rescue on hearing a noise and spotting her hubby in trouble started pelting things at the miscreant duo.

While the robbers were swinging the sharp weapons in a bid to terrorise the couple, the elderly duo fought them with plastic furniture and eventually forced the miscreants to flee.

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