Lucky Items To Give Your Home Good Vibes


New Delhi: There are plenty of traditions and trinkets believed to bring you good luck and banish bad energy from your space. We have piled up some things that will attract good luck to your house.

Adopt a fish (or nine)

Fish are believed to bring good luck and a carefully placed aquarium is considered an important aspect of feng shui.

Fish are thought to absorb negative energy in the home, and they can also symbolise health, happiness, abundance, prosperity and wealth.

Bring In Bamboo

The bamboo plant is touted as one of the most effective feng shui cures for luck. Palms, orchids and money trees are considered lucky too.

Hang a horseshoe

It’s traditional to hang a horseshoe over the door, in order to bring luck to all who enter. And how you position it is up to you. Whatever you believe, a horseshoe is a nice way to add character to a plain front door, too.

Hang a dream catcher

Stemming from Native American cultures, the dream catcher is designed to capture nightmares and evil spirits, making the owner happier and more balanced.

These attractive items usually have a web-like design and are decorated with beads and feathers, so they’re a treat for the eye as well as for your mood.

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