LS election: Exit Poll results indicate close fight between BJP, BJD in Odisha


New Delhi/Bhubaneswar: The exit poll survey conducted by several survey organisations and TV channels indicated that NDA would again come to power in an easy manner this time.

The exit poll results also indicated that while in 21-seat in Odisha it will be a close fight between BJP and BJD in the Parliamentary poll. However, maximum exit poll results hinted at the saffron party winning more seats than the Odisha’s ruling BJD.

Republic-C voter predicted 10 seats for BJP while BJD would win in 11 seats and Congress would fail to open an account this time.

Jaan Ki Baat survey predicted that BJD would manage to grab eight seats while 12 would go to BJP account out of 21 seats in Odisha. Congress wouldn’t be able to bag a single seat in Lok Sabha poll, it said.

As per Times Now-VMR survey, eight Lok Sabha seats will go to BJD,  12 to BJP and Congress may win in one seat.

According to Polls of Polls (NDTV), BJD and BJP would get 10 seats each while Congress may get one seat.

India TV study said BJD may get 15 seats while BJP would acquire six seats and Congress has no seat this time.

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