Love Wearing Heels? Here Are Some Tips For You


New Delhi: High heels are an inseparable part of a woman’s life. While many women love to flaunt their legs by wearing pointy stilettos, they can be quite painful. Here are a few tips that you must follow in order to avoid foot injury or pain.

Avoid pencil heels

Although pencil heels are deemed to be the classiest pair of shoes, it is better to avoid the, Since, the heels of the shoe are too slim and narrow they fail to provide a good balance to your feet. It is your foot that takes all the pressure, causing pain and discomfort. Keep aside pencil heels and only wear them on special occasions.

Wear block heels

Block heels are thicker and enable better support from behind. This divides the pressure uniformly on your feet rendering a better balance. Not to forget, block heels are stylish too.

Use blow dryer:

You can use a blow dryer for your feet as well. The warm air of the dryer will tighten the muscles on your heels, softening them, and will reduce the chances of getting cuts and bruises on your feet. Another pro tip to remember is stretching and massaging your feet, once you take off your favourite stiletto pair.

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