Lord Baladevjew’s chariot suffers damage in Kendrapara, to be pulled today


Kendrapara: Brahma Taladhwaja chariot of Lord Baladevjew in Kendrapara will be pulled to Mausima temple on Sunday. The pulling of the chariot was extended for another day as it suffered damage due to an accident.

As per reports, the chariot was hit with a light post along the roadside due to faulty driving by the charioteer. However, the servitors alleged that the accident happened due to neglect by the district administration.

The chariot could be pulled to a distance of 100 metres only as it met with the unfortunate accident.

Following the development, the servitors, Endowment Department and the district administrations decided to stop the pulling of the chariot. The chariot will be pulled again today at 11 am. It has also been decided that not more than 35 servitors will be present on the chariot during pulling.

Adapa Mandapa Bije ritual of Lord Trinity will be performed after the chariot reaches Mausima temple.

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