Locals in panic after tigress ‘Sundari’ spotted near Angul village


Angul: Panic gripped the people of Rangpur village under Athamalik forest range in Angul district after tigress Sundari was spotted nearby the human settlement by the forest department officials on Sunday.

Reportedly, the forest department team, who are constantly monitoring the big cat’s movement today came across the tigress. After spotting the forest ranger’s vehicle, Sundari halted for a while and then ran away into the wild.

However, a video of the incident went viral on the social media as a result which the people of Jadupur, Khambeswarapalli, Sidhapur village are now in state of panic.

Tigress Sundari’s movement have turned a tough challenge for the monitoring team, as she was spotted only three kilometres away from the city area.

According to available information, the forest officials are constantly monitoring the movement of Sundari, and trying to drive her back into the sanctuary.

Earlier, Sundari allegedly strayed into Lehedi village in Athamalik forest range and mauled a cow.

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