Locals Cannot Ride Bikes To Buy Vegetables During Lockdown


Bhubaneswar: As reports of the populace of Odisha flouting lockdown rules surfaced frequently, the state government has tightened the norms.

Those who ignore restrictions during the lockdown period will attract actions by the police.

As per reports, police officials are asked to take action on locals breaking the rules. The populace has been directed not to use motorcycles on the pretext of buying groceries and vegetables. Instead, they have been asked to visit the nearby shops that are located at a walkable distance to buy the essentials.

Hence, bikes of the person not abiding the instructions will be seized.

Reportedly, locals openly flouted the rules by crowding at one spot without masks or gloves on them.

Lockdown is an emergency protocol that requires people to stay holed up in an area or building without leaving its confines in order to protect the community from external danger. In this case, a lockdown has been issued to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

During this time, any store or shop selling non-essential items will remain closed. People are asked to not leave their houses, until absolutely necessary and any sort of celebration or gathering is prohibited.

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