‘Light Candles’ Call: Opposition slams PM for empty symbolism


New Delhi: Prime Minister’s call to light candles on Sunday at 9 pm to fight coronavirus darkness has drawn instant reactions from opposition leaders.

They accused him of empty symbolism devoid of concrete economic measures for countrymen.

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor tweeted: “Listened to the Pradhan Showman. Nothing about how to ease people’s pain, their burdens, their financial anxieties. No vision of the future or sharing the issues he is weighing in deciding about the post-lockdown. Just a feel-good moment curated by India’s Photo-Op PrimeMinister!”.

Former finance minister P Chidambaram called for steps to boost growth.

BJP leader BL Santhosh slammed the criticism, saying PM Modi was “instilling confidence and hand-holding countrymen” like a guardian.


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