Lifestyle Modifications Can Lessen Diabetes Risk, Say Experts


Bhubaneswar: A balanced diet, regular physical exercise, stress-free life can lessen Diabetes risk, said experts attending the National Diabetes Conference organised by city-based KIDS Diabetes Hospital.

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder which affects all the vital organs of the body. Hence, humans are prone to some basic practices. Adopting a better lifestyle keeps Diabetes healthy and more active, the experts asserted.;

About more than 100 of Endocrinologists of National and International repute and 800 physicians participated in this two-day conference.

Inaugurating the conference, the Head of Diabetes, Immunology Group, centre for molecular medicine, Karolinska University Stockholm, Sweden, Prof. C.B. Sanjeevi appreciated CMD of KIDS Hospital Dr. Alok Kanungo and his associates for the success of the conference.

On the occasion, Sr. Endocrinologist Prof. R.J.Dash, Prof Ashok Kumar Das and Gandhian and Encyclopaedist Deepak Kanungo attended as Guest of Honour.

Among others, Dr. Jayant Panda, Dr. Bijay Mishra, and Dr. Abhaya Kumar Sahoo participated in the conference. Gold medals were presented to four of speakers.

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