“Lavaaste” hits theaters, receives an overwhelming response from the audience


The recently released film “Lavaaste” has taken the audience by storm, unleashing tremendous emotions and garnering overwhelmingly positive response. Based on the poignant theme of neglecting elderly parents to fulfill materialistic desires, the film has struck a chord with the audience leaving a lasting impression on their hearts and minds.

From the time the film hit the theatres, it has been receiving rave reviews and accolades. With an average rating of 3-3.5 Stars, “Lavaaste” has attracted the audience with its powerful storyline and thought provoking story. The film’s ability to shed light on the harsh realities of society, where individuals often prioritize wealth over the well-being of their aging parents, has resonated deeply with audiences.

One of the first viewers of the film expressed his appreciation saying that “Lavaaste” is a remarkable film which accurately portrays the reality of our society. He stressed on the importance of films that create awareness about the negligence faced by elderly parents, who have selflessly dedicated their lives to their children. The audience appreciated the film for its ability to evoke emotion and spark conversation around this serious issue.

Another viewer praised “Lavaste” as a masterpiece, highlighting its class and authenticity. He stressed the need for more such films which are based on real life events and throw light on the social record. Viewers were deeply moved by the film’s portrayal of parents who, despite their undying love and care for their children, are often left alone in their twilight years. He expressed gratitude for the film’s ability to touch his heart and provoke introspection.

The success of “Lavaste” can be attributed to its remarkable story, powerful performances and ability to shine a light on social issues that often go unnoticed. The film serves as a reminder to prioritize our relationships, especially with our aging parents, and to value their sacrifice and unconditional love.

As the positive buzz continues to spread, “Lavaaste” is all set to become a must-watch film for audiences looking for impactful cinema that leaves a lasting impression.

This content driven film is directed by first time director Sudish Kanojia, produced by Aditya Varma and co-produced by Rohandeep Singh under the banner of Adib Production Pvt Ltd and Jumping Tomatoes Pvt Ltd.

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