Lack Of Sleep Can Hamper Your Health: Here’s How

New Delhi: A healthy sleep schedule also plays a significant role in maintaining overall health. But this important factor is often overlooked. Some also suffer from sleep disorders like insomnia, rest leg syndrome, sleep apnea, and more. Many these days also compromise their sleep and fail to ensure a healthy sleep cycle.

Inadequate amount of sleep is linked with several health issues including both physical and mental health. In this article, you will understand the changes your body goes through when you do not get enough sleep. Here are some Health hazards of inadequate sleep:

Your heart health may suffer

According to studies improper sleep affects your heart health negatively and puts you at a higher risk of heart disease. Even sleeping more than required is bad for your heart health. Better sleep hygiene, regular exercise, and a healthy diet play a significant role in maintaining a healthy heart.

May lead to hormonal imbalance

Your sleep pattern affects your hormones as well. Sleep deprivation is linked with the improper secretion of the hunger hormone, growth hormone, and more. For balanced hormones fix your sleep cycle.

You are tired all the time

When you sleep properly, you wake up feeling fresh the next morning. Sleep provides enough rest to your body and helps it function properly. On the other hand, a poor sleep schedule makes you feel tired all the time and leaves you fatigued.

You may gain weight

Yes, you might be surprised to know that your lack of sleep can make you gain weight. Not getting enough sleep makes you consuming more calories contributing to weight gain.

Reduces quality of life

Lack of proper rest may affect your mood as well as the ability to complete day-to-day tasks efficiently. It may also lead to disinterest in certain activities.

To improve your sleep cycle, you should exercise regularly, consume a healthy diet, reduce stress, limit the use of screens and fix your sleep schedule. Drinking warm milk with honey or chamomile tea will also help you sleep better as these leave a soothing effect on your mind and body.

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