Kotia Border Row: Odisha MLA-Andhra Officials Face-Off At Phatusineri Village

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Pottangi: With a tense situation prevailing between Odisha and Andhra Pradesh over the Kotia border row, the officials from neighbouring state are leaving no stone unturned to intensify the dispute.

Today, Pottangi MLA Pitam Padhi and Parbatipuram PA–ITDA Project Officer Kurmanath entered into a verbal face-off at Phatusineri village in Kotia panchayat.

According to sources, some officials from Andhra Pradesh today reached the village of Phatusineri in Kotia to identify a site for the construction of an Anganwadi Center. They had also organised a feast.

After coming to know about the intrusion of the Andhra officials, Pottangi MLA Pitam Padhi immediately reached Phatusineri village and halted the activities.

Protesting the unauthorised move of the Andhra officials, the legislator questioned the officials that why the Andhra government had infiltrated the village of Odisha and organising programmes.

Soon, a verbal altercation ensued after the legislator asked the Andhra officials to leave. After a brief commotion, the neighbouring state officials dispersed and the situation came back to normalcy.

As the Kotia border dispute escalates day by day, there is widespread speculation that the outcome could be dire in the coming days if the two states fail to resolve the issue amicably.

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