Kota Factory Season 3 Out on Netflix


Mumbai: Kota Factory is back with its third season. The show marks the return of Jeetu Bhaiya aka Jitendra Kumar with other cast members including Mayur More, Ranjan Raj, Alam Khan, Ahsaas Channa, Revathi Pillai, and Urvi Singh. Kota Factory 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

The black-and-white student drama focusing on IIT preparation is back for a third season. Our students, Vaibhav, Meena, Uday, Shivangi, and Vartika, are now more experienced but still face the pressures of last-minute exams. Their supportive teacher, Jeetu Bhaiya (Jitendra Kumar), also has significant realizations about his life goals.

Just like the previous season, Kota Factory 3 is very relatable.

Be it the constant pressure amongst the youth to prove themselves, their friendships, or their equation with their favorite teacher, ‘Jeetu Bhaiya’ in this case.

There’s a scene towards the end when Meena says, “Jeetu bhaiya jeevan ka path dete hai (he gives life lessons)”, and you do agree with him. The third season beautifully captures this special mentor-mentee bond and also sheds light on grappling with mental health, an issue that needs to be discussed more often.

‘Kota Factory 3’, through its narration, tries to celebrate this preparation rather than the victorious outcome. “Jeet ki tayari nahi, tayari hi jeet hai”- says Jeetu Bhaiya. This season, the emphasis is once again on aiming rather than dreaming, a thought that has found a home in most competitive exam students.

This season, Jitendra Kumar is also battling with the responsibility of being the ‘bhaiya’ versus being the ‘sir’. The last season had ended on a tragic note with a student taking her own life, and Jeetu Bhaiya is seen being consumed by grief. As he meets a therapist, we also get to understand how important yet easy it is to sometimes seek help.

The latest entrant, Tilottama Shome, as Pooja Didi, is flawless as she becomes the voice of reason for Jeetu during his low.

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