Kolkata man dons saree with red lipstick, creates buzz over internet

Kolkata: Pushpak Sen, a man from Kolkata, has created a buzz over the Internet by wearing a saree and sporting red lipsticks. This androgynous style look has gone viral on social media.

Sen posted the photos on Facebook wearing a beautiful black and green saree.  This was followed cat-eye style eyeliner makeup. The caption of the photographs said: “Casually wore a sari, doused myself in makeup, clicked pictures, YET while peeing after the photoshoot, I found my d*** perfectly in place and in perfect condition”.

Last year, singer Harry Styles won the internet for his Vogue cover in which he was wearing a dress and a skirt. The outlook of present-day society has changed. People do not bother if a woman chooses to wear a tuxedo or if a man prefers to wear a gorgeous saree.

Liberal attitude has made all the difference that everybody is allowed to express themselves in the way they want.

Sen has shared his spunky-looking images on Facebook that went viral. They were shared a number of times on the website as well as other social media platforms.

One user commented: “Eyebrow raising moment of the day”. Many called him ‘stunning’ and ‘beautiful.’  Another user admitted that this is a saree draping skill.