Kim Jong-un, Moon Jae-in commit to Korean ‘peace regime’ to end nuclear conflict


Seoul: Hailing a “new era of peace”, North Korea leader Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in, sealed their talks on Friday with a joint declaration, and a bear hug, reaffirming their commitment to complete denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula.

The historic summit also agreed to push for three or four-way talks involving the US and China to replace the Korean armistice with a peace treaty.

In his first ever speech to the world, standing outside the Peace House on the demilitarised border zone, Kim Jong-un first thanked Mr Moon and the South Korean people for their warm welcome.

“It took a long time for the two Koreas to come together and to hold hands and we have long waited for this moment to happen, all of us,” he said.

“As I stand here today I can see that South and North Koreans are the same people, they cannot be separated. We are compatriots… We should not be confronting each other, we are the same people and should live in unity. I hope we will be able to live very peacefully in the future, as soon as possible.”

He pledged his support for “permanent peace”, adding “we will adopt the Panmunjom declarations while the whole world is watching us. I believe the declaration…will never let us repeat our past mistakes.”

Kim expressed hope that one day South and North Korean citizens would be able to use the same road that he had to reach the summit.

“Panmunjom is a symbol of pain and suffering and division but it will turn into a symbol of peace. Using one language, one culture, one history South and North Korea will be reunited as one country, thus enjoying everlasting peace and prosperity,” he said.

President Moon praised the “precious agreement and declared a “new era of peace”, pledging “there will be no more war on the Korean peninsula.”

The two sides also agreed to set up a liaison office, continue future talks and reintroduce the long-stalled reunions of families separated by the division of the two Koreas.

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