Khurda ‘Rape’ Case: Medical Report Arrives, Cops In Dilemma As Complainant Marred With Controversies


Bhubaneswar: In the latest development of the alleged rape case in Khurda, the medical examination report of the victim has been handed over to the cops.

However, the police are yet to divulge details about the latest information extracted through the reports.

Besides this, sources have said that the victim has been involved in various controversies and political dramas in the past. Reportedly, the woman claimed to be the wife of Talcher’s BJD MLA Braja Pradhan in 2017 and also ransacked the premises of his official residence then.

The same woman also attempted suicide in front of Naveen Nivas, the residence of Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik by slitting her wrist.

Marred by such accusations and controversies in the past, the victim has left the city police in dilemma prompting them to intensify the probe.

Meanwhile, the family members of the accused youth, who reportedly raped and later threw the victim out of his moving car on Wednesday evening, filed counter-allegations against the complainant on November 7.

As per reports, the family members of the accused, Soumya Ranjan Mohanty, who hails from the Jatni area of Khurda district, have refuted allegations of rape levelled by the girl.

Reportedly, they have complained before the police that the girl had rather cooked up the story to escape from repaying borrowed money.

Notably, the girl was found dumped on the National Highway in front of Prananath Autonomous College in Khurda.

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