Khudurukuni Osha: Here’s All You Need To Know


Bhubaneswar: Khudurukuni Osha which is observed in Odisha on the Sundays in the month of Bhadrab (August – September) by unmarried women and girls, began today.

Also known as Khudarankuni or Khudurkuni, it is mainly observed in the coastal districts of Odisha. Goddess Maa Mangala (Durga) is worshipped on the day.

Festivals bring with them loads of fun, merry-making and waves of nostalgia. Each of them pragmatic with an interesting story traced back to ancient times.

Modern-day celebrations of Khudurukuni Osha include young girls waking up early in the morning and collecting various flowers. After taking bath, they pray to the Sun by making small mounts called B(h)aluka of clay or sand on the banks of ponds or rivers and decorating it with turmeric powder, vermilion and all types of flowers even like vegetables flowers (cucumber flower, ridge gourd flower etc.)

Khuda Bhaja (Broken Rice)hence the name Khudurukuni. Ukhuda (fried paddy sweetened with molasses), Chuda (flattened paddy), Kanti Kakudi (a type of thorny Cucumber), Lia (fried paddy), Mishri (Sugar candy), Coconut and all types of fruits.

It is said that the young girl Tapoi survived on Khuda after her brothers left. She was given nothing else to eat.

During the Puja, episodes from the life of Tapoi is sung by the girls.

Odia girls perform Khudurkuni Osha with utmost devotion. However, Brahmin girls are barred from this, because of the evil Brahmin widow who was responsible for all of Ta’poi’s sufferings.

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