Kharif procurement to start from November 15, Supplies Minister


Bhubaneswar: The Kharif paddy procurement in the state will begin from November 15, the State Food Supplies Minister Sanjay Das Burma announced on Sunday.

The procurement in Bargarh district will begin from Atabira, Godabhaga and Kolapani where as many as 16 rice millers have registered for procurement, the minister said.

In other districts dates of procurement will depend upon the decision of district procurement committee. The rice millers issue is being looked at and if necessary there will be another round of meeting with them.

Briefing media persons here the minister said, his department is currently reviewing the issues of the rice millers and if necessary there will be another meeting. Earlier on Saturday talks between All Odisha Rice Millers’ Association and the Food Supply and Consumer Welfare department failed putting the procurement into uncertainty.

Notably the rice millers have some contagious issues related to dissent towards Odisha Rice and Paddy Procurement and Custom Milling of Rice Order, 2016. The amendment was made with respect to the direction from Centre for regulating paddy procurement and custom milling since December 2015. As per the new order no state agency would be allowed to procure Fair Average Quality paddy at a price below MSP as stipulated by Centre.

Coupled with that the state could direct millers to convert paddy delivered by state agency into rice within terms and time as instructed which has led to dissatisfaction among the millers who allege that it would lead to their loss of money and choice. Since the millers also cannot dispose of paddy as paddy without maintaining all accounts and transparency to the state government the issue has been the reason of controversy. Besides they have also been bestowed upon responsibilities of transportation, mandi handling and supply of sacks for purchase of paddy which has led to their dissatisfaction.

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