Khalistani Sympathizer Amritpal Singh Likely To Surrender Before Punjab Police


Chandigarh: After 10 days of evading arrest, radical sikh preacher and waris punjab de chief Amritpal Singh might surrender to the Punjab police, according to recent reports. It is likely that Amritpal is already back in Punjab, and will be surrendering to the police soon.

Amritpal singh has been absconding from punjab for the last 10 days, and the punjab police has started coordinating with other states and intelligence agencies as well as the authorities in Nepal to nab the Khalistani leader ever since he evaded arrest.

Now, media reports and sources have claimed that Amritpal Singh will be returning to Punjab soon to surrender to the police. He will turn himself in on the charges of kidnapping, attempted murder, and clashing with the police, and if he surrenders, he will be facing a trial soon.

The Punjab police had been tipped off of amritpal’s presence when he was travelling from Hoshiarpur to Amritsar, and interrupted his convoy, arresting several members of Waris Punjab De with Amritpal Singh narrowly escaping the manhunt.

Earlier, Punjab police believed that Amritpal Singh had earlier escaped to Delhi through the punjab border, and was attempting to cross the border into Nepal. The nepal police had also launched an alert to nab Amritpal Singh if he enters their country.

Amritpal singh had been propagating Khalistani activity in Punjab, and protests erupted in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia around Indian high commission, jousting Khalistani flags and clashing with the security personnel.

Now, the Punjab police also launched an investigation into Amritpal Singh’s financial funds, investigating the link between him and international entities funding his movement. It is alleged that he received Rs 40 crore in foreign funds after he took over Waris Punjab De.

If Amritpal Singh surrenders soon, it is likely that a court will put him on trial primarily for the Ajnala police station incident, after which he might be tried for other charges including kidnapping and attempt to murder.

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