KGF Chapter 2 Earns $20 Million In Overseas; Worldwide Biz Mounts To Rs 850 Cr


KGF Chapter 2 overseas business went past $20 million yesterday. The off-shore total through Saturday for the movie is $20.75 million (Rs.158 crores) approx, which when added to the domestic business of Rs. 697 crores, gives a worldwide total of Rs. 855 crores.

The movie will be going over Rs. 900 crores worldwide on Sunday and eye for Rs. 1000 crore mark by sometime next weekend.

North America remains the top market for the film with $6.25 million followed by the Middle East with $5.40 million. The final business may end up below RRR internationally but RRR was more lopsided in the USA where tix are priced higher while KGF 2 has done well universally well in all overseas markets where Indian movies have an audience, whether it is Hindi hotspots Nepal or Tamil hub Malaysia or Telugu heavy USA.

Here is the territorial breakdown for overseas box office collection of K.G.F. Chapter 2—

  •  USA/CAN – $6.25 million
  • Middle East – $5.40 million
  • Australia – $2.20 million
  • New Zealand – $0.35 million
  • Malaysia – $1.80 million
  • Singapore – $0.70 million
  • Nepal – $0.70 million
  • UK – $1.20 million
  • Europe – $1 million

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