Keep Your Lungs Healthy With These Yoga Asanas


New Delhi: Breathing is the basic life force that controls our life. Keeping your lungs healthy is the key thing for our well-being. By practicing yoga you can improve the efficiency of your lungs, making them stronger. Let’s look at some yoga for the lungs to boost your oxygen intake and make your lungs function better.

Dhanurasana or bow pose:

In this yoga, you have to lie down on your stomach and bend your knees towards your hips and hold your ankles with your hands. Now lift your legs and arms as high as you can and keep your face up. Try to hold the posture as long as you can.

Hasta Uttanasana or raised arm yoga pose

Stand straight in Samasthiti and raise your arms over your head and then stretch upwards with folded hands in a way that your palms face each other and are joined. Keep your head in between your arms. Now bend back gently and keep your knees straight and eyes open. Stay in the same position for some time and then come back to the original position and repeat.

Ustrasana aka camel pose

First Kneel on the mat, and place your hands on your heaps. Then arch your back and slide your palms over your feet, keeping the arms straight. Keep your neck in a neutral position. Stay in the position for some time and then breathe out and come back to the initial posture. And then keep your hands on your hips.

Ardha chandrasana or half moon pose

The name itself hints at the Yoga posture. Ardha Chandrasana means posture like a half-moon. To start this yoga, extend your left leg back and drop your knee and then extend your toes out. Stretch your arms over your head, and look upwards. Keep your right knee parallel to the ankle and bend your upper body back, and form an arch-like half-moon. Repeat the same posture with the other leg.

Chakrasana aka wheel pose

Lay down on your back and fold your legs from your knees, and place your feet firmly on the floor. Fold your arms at the elbows with your palms towards the sky. Now rotate your arms at the shoulders, and keep your palms on the floor to form an arch by lifting up your body. Keep your neck relaxed and keep your head gently falling behind.

Apart from these Yoga exercises, people are also suggested to drink hot water with turmeric, honey, and ginger to improve lung health. In case of congestion or chronic respiratory conditions, steam therapy is quite effective.

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