Keep your baby’s skin moisturized all day with CITTA’s Moisturizing Baby Balm-Natural

The first-of-its-kind baby skin care product with all-natural ingredients that have been approved by Grandma-#DadiNaniKeNushke


CITTA, the name synonymous with “consciousness”, a leading baby care brand in India, has created a remarkable product, their Moisturizing Baby Balm- Natural, India’s 1st moisturizing balm for babies, for face and body with a unique texture that nourishes and protects your baby’s skin while providing long-lasting moisturization.

The Moisturizing Baby Balm by CITTA is a unique natural product that can be used by children 0–8 years or of age with all skin types. It is rich in shea butter and natural vitamin E. It also has the goodness of seven natural oils: coconut oil, rice bran oil, olive oil, almond oil, basil oil, camphor oil, and turmeric oil.

“We at CITTA make every effort through our research and scientific knowledge. While building this product, we have done extensive research to understand the problems that new-age parents are facing related to their baby’s skin, such as dryness, rashes, itchiness, eczema, and many more. There is a myth that we need moisturizer or any cream only during winter. In particular, a baby’s skin needs moisturization all year round, irrespective of the season or climate. Their skin is way more sensitive than an average adult’s” says Akanksha Sharma, Co-founder and CEO, CITTA.

The baby balm soothes the baby’s skin and keeps it soft and supple. The presence of shea butter in the baby balm helps fight dryness and provides deep and long lasting moisturization, lasting much longer than any cream or lotion. It’s anti-microbial and anti-oxidant properties with the blend of 7 nourishing oils keep your baby’s skin protected from skin infection. The product is dermatologically tested and highly recommended by doctors because of its effectiveness.

The Moisturizing Baby Balm-Natural is available on CITTA’s website and other online marketplaces.

CITTA also launched Pure Rose Water Mist and Hydrating Mist with Rose and AloeVera. These mists are absolutely natural and can be used by people of all age groups.

Pure rose water mist 

CITTA Pure Rose Water Mist is made from the finest English Tea Roses and Aqua. The finest quality roses are sourced from Kannauj, ‘The Perfume Capital of India’. This refreshing mist is 100 percent natural and consists diluted rose water only. The natural fragrance of the mist is very calming and it leaves a long last soothing effect on skin. In screeching hot summers this mist gives you a refreshing feel and it is anti-bacterial as well.

Hydrating Mist with Rose and Aloe vera

CITTA Hydrating Mist with Rose and Aloe Vera contains pure Aloe Vera leaf extracts and the best quality rose water. The mist with cooling effect of aloe vera and amazing fragrance of roses makes it a delightful experience for skin. The mist does not contain any kind of chemicals or added fragrances, it is made with natural ingredients only. The refreshing and soothing effect it leaves on the skin is what it needs in these sun shining summers.


Curated with love and care by a young girl, Akanksha Sharma, taking inspiration from her mother Monisha Sharma, the brand aims to provide natural ingredient products to the people. After their baby care products the brand is now expending their range of products. The brand envisions providing the best quality products which are natural and safe for all.

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