Kashmir is India’s internal matter, Pakistan fomenting violence in the region: Rahul Gandhi


New Delhi: Former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi has said Kashmir is India’s internal issue and Pakistan is instigating violence in the region.

Gandhi tweeted this while asserting that although he disagreed with the government on many issues, he wanted to make it “absolutely clear” that Kashmir is India’s internal issue and violence in Jammu and Kashmir is instigated by Pakistan.

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor endorsed Gandhi’s tweet by saying: “Spot on, Chief! This is what @INCIndia has insisted all along: J&K is an integral part of India; we opposed the manner in which Art.370 was abrogated because the way it was done assaulted our Constitution & democratic values. No reason for Pak to draw any comfort from our stand”.

Several political leaders, including former chief ministers Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti have been under arrest for 25 days.

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