Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah to present 13th state budget


Bengaluru: Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah will present his 13th budget as well as the 6th budget of the present Congress Government on Friday. He will also gain the distinction of presenting a budget which will cross the Rs. 2 lakh crore mark.

With the state all set to go to assembly polls in the next few months, many are expecting a please-all budget this time around from Siddaramaiah. Sources in the government pegged the size of the budget at Rs. 2.20 lakh crore aimed at spreading the ‘feel good’ factor among all segments of society to help him and the Congress pass the poll test this summer.

Siddaramaiah, who has carved a niche for himself with his freebee oriented budgets so far with greater accent on welfare based economics, is expected to turn more liberal to reap electoral dividends in the forthcoming assembly election. So the budget has raised questions about its credibility as Siddaramaiah does not have the mandate beyond May, 2018 to implement its budget promises.

The new government that would assume office after the assembly election would not have any constitutional obligations to adhere to it, unless it is again a Congress government headed by Siddaramaiah.

On budget day, The New Indian Express will bring you live updates on what the budget contains for Karnataka and Bengaluru.

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