Kapil Sibal criticizes BJP for idolizing Godse


New Delhi: The ‘hate that killed Gandhi still flourishes’, Congress leader Kapil Sibal has said. He has trained his gun on BJP even as Martyrs’ Day is celebrated.

Sibal said Nathuram Godse is every year hailed as a ‘hero’ by the Hindu Mahasabha, to which he belonged, under the governorship of the BJP.

Sibal tweeted: “Martyrdom Day… The ‘hate’ embedded in the bullets that killed Gandhiji flourishes even today… The protagonists of ‘hate’ who say they are followers of Gandhiji, poison the polity with the violence embedded in their words and deeds…and…a few openly call Godse a ‘Deshbakth’”.

Sibal was referring to the massive row that erupted last year after Lok Sabha BJP MP from Bhopal, Pragya Singh Thakur, allegedly called Godse “a patriot” in the Lower House during the Winter Session of Parliament.

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