Kabir Khan Lauds Kartik Aaryan’s Physical Transformation For ‘Chandu Champion’


Mumbai: The trailer of Kartik Aaryan’s Chandu Champion finally made its way to social media platforms. Now, the director of the film Kabir Khan revealed that Kartik’s transformation was all-natural, and he did not take any support substances or steroids.

Talking about the transformation at the film’s trailer launch, Kabir proudly exclaimed, Nowadays, those who go to gyms know how much steroids get misused. Kartik built his body naturally, without any substance. Iska faayda yeh hai ki zindagi bhar unke saath yeh body rahegi (The benefit of this is that this body will remain with him). It is healthy.”

The director further added, And you can see how his body looks on screen. Fit aur healthy body aisi dikhayi deti hai (This is how a fit and healthy body looks like). It’s almost next to impossible task that Kartik has managed to pull off. We snatched away all his favourite dishes.” Kabir also revealed that he kept a close eye and was amused to see Kartik’s grit and determination to follow the die and work regime regularly.

Kartik had to reduce his body fat from 39% to 7% in one and a half years to look apt for the role. Media reports reveal that the actor had to quit sugar and follow a strict diet to get the right look that the role demanded.

The movie narrates the life story of Murlikant Petkar, India’s first Paralympic gold medalist. The movie focuses on the sportsmanship, resilience and determination of Murlikant, who despite sustaining 9 bullet wounds, made the nation proud by winning a gold medal.

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