Jungkook drops Run BTS video from Qatar hotel room


Qatar: BTS members Jungkook is in Qatar where he will be performing at the Al Bayt Stadium for the opening of the FIFA World Cup 2022.

His presence is creating some controversy as Dua Lipa has opted out saying that she does not support the restrictions on the LGBT community. ICYMI, homosexuality is considered to be criminal offence in Qatar. The officials have said that while the LGBTQ community is welcome, they cannot campaign like holding pride flags and so on. There are rumors that even Shakira might skip the opening ceremony of the World Cup 2022 due to some personal issues. This means that BTS Jungkook will be one of the biggest acts for the day. He has already gone there for rehearsals and recording his parts for the tournament.

Jungkook has done a cute version of Run BTS and shared on his Insta stories. He is seen in black baggy pants and a white shirt.

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